Section Drawings made by Kenzie Andrew

Within these section drawings, they have very precise lines and are well laid out. On the contrary, there are some elements in these drawings that would have worked better or looked better than the objects I chose to add into this section drawing.

Bubble Diagram made by Kenzie Andrew

Within this bubble diagram, it has very good use of space for all of the items that were needed to be included in the space. It could have used better organization of where I spaced things within this tiny house.

Elevation Drawing made by Kenzie Andrew

This drawing has precise measurements and details. The one thing that I would make sure to make the lines and the measurement lines straight and more clean.

Reflected Ceiling Plan made by Kenzie Andrew

With this reflected ceiling plan, it does really well of showing the contents of the ceiling in the studio, but the details could have been more precise.

Furniture plan made by Kenzie Andrew

This furniture plan has a lot of details in it for the medical office it was used for, but the measurements could have been more realistic.